Loans without BIK

An institution that collects and stores data on financial liabilities incurred in banks, credit unions and loan companies of individuals and enterprises. A loan without BIK means that the loan company grants a loan without checking the client in this database. In BIK you can find personal data, data on financial liabilities towards entities cooperating

Rapid Loan for the Unemployed.

Rapid loan for the unemployed and employed It doesn’t take much to get unemployed these days. If there is unemployment, the financial cushion is usually used up very quickly. If there are still unplanned expenses, quick help is required. With a quick loan for the unemployed, financial bottlenecks can be bridged or urgently needed purchases

No rush to change mortgage loan insurance

Getting savings on the cost of a mortgage by playing the insurance delegation card is an axis to study for borrowers. However, still very few of them have taken steps. Cheaper senior borrower insurance thanks to insurance delegation Supposed to redistribute purchasing power to the French, the insurance delegation is far from achieving the expected